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    About Us

    Since its founding in 1995, Multitech has given itself the mission to enhance the value of various process elements that have been downgraded or discarded by industry to give them back their primary role or recycle their utility to another process. At the request of our clients we create tools and work methods to resolve specific problems in the world steel industry.

    We generate solutions. We are dedicated to the elaboration of ingenious, efficient solutions to resolve environmental and technical problems in a variety of industrial contexts. Our teams conceive and elaborate processes and equipment which either transform waste streams into valuable raw material or optimize tools and work methods.

    These solutions often result in massive savings for our clients, while maximizing their positive actions towards the environment while reducing risks for their workers health and safety. In almost all cases, these solutions are the result of technology developed from scratch by Multitech to solve very specific problems.   

    Guided by a “win-win” business philosophy, we have opted for managing the quality of our products and services, transparency in our relationships with our stakeholders, and compliance with the work methods of our customers.  We are proud to say our client give us an excellent satisfaction rating and the majority of them see us more as collaborators than as suppliers. We are proactive and we will maintain at Multitech a place where the term “personal service” has real meaning.

    Resolving environmental challenges and forming technological partnerships with our clients – this is the motivation that drives the team Multitech.