Multitech has taken as its mission to devote its energies to the revalorization, the re-use and the reduction of process rejects from large-scale industry, with the goal of giving them a second life in their original function, or of transforming them in order to find them a new vocation in other branches of industry.  We will thus contribute to eliminate the rejection of industrial waste to the environment, for the greatest benefit of the players involved and the community. 

    Guided by the “win-win” business philosophy, we will endeavor to be recognized as generators of innovative solutions to environmental matters by investing  our efforts to find clever, effective and profitable answers to the problem of industrial wastes.

     We will maintain our engagement to support thehigh level of proficiency of our personnel, which will enable us to consolidate the bonds of a constructive partnership developing between our customers and us.

    Our interventions will always be done in compliance with the operating practices of our customers as well as all laws in force.