Revalorization (Value Enhancement):

    All industrial processes generate waste. These materials or ingredients are mostly discarded resulting in a huge loss of time and money for the producer. 

    Using its proprietary technology, Multitech is able to recover the full value of these waste materials. Yesterday’s losses become significant savings to provide new sources of profit for our customers. 

    High Density Granulation and Compaction of Cutting and Machining Scrap Metal

    Metallurgical processes can generate astronomical volumes of waste resulting from cutting, sawing, scalping or machining.


    Multitech has developed a production line for the granulating and / or high density compaction of this metallic by-product.


    The ultimate goal of this activity is to obtain a maximum density of the material. In some cases we are able to attain up to a 95% density of the original ingot from the cutting and machining waste.  Our high density metal press is the most reliable and efficient in the industry.  It is able to produce 95% density briquettes in continuous production 24 h/day, 365 days per year.     It is capable of absorbing large volumes of cuttings from the largest metallurgical plants as it has since 2001 for the Rio Tinto Alcan Alma Casting Center. 


    Industrial Precision Crushing and Screening


    We specialize in precise crushing and screening.  This activity is at the origin of the foundation of Multitech which we have carried out since 1995. 




    We have a series of crushers in a continuous process that can reduce the toughest and most abrasive materials into size fractions varying from several inches to a few microns.




    Usually crushing activities are carried out in parallel with the screening of materials to be recycled to provide an enriched product. 


    Screening can also be used to separate a recyclable product from a waste material, to remove a contaminant from a new product, or to remove a fraction non-compliant in terms of the specified product granulometry.   We have 5 screening machines with size fraction capability up to 350 mesh.  The tens of thousands of tons of material that have been screened to the satisfaction of our clients is a source of pride. 


    Preparation and Distribution of Alloying Ingredients:

    • We have developed an exclusive service of packaged ingredients for inclusion in the preparation of alloys for metal filtration.
    • The different metals or materials, whether from new or recycled materials, are prepared by our services to facilitate and optimize the handling in the context of the customer's process.
    • We design and fabricate distribution containers adapted for each use.
      • We also prepare alloying ingredients in precisely weighed bags to increase the accuracy of alloy adjustments in the furnace process.


    Tools and Solutions:

    We design and fabricate various containers for the capture or delivery of material, adjusted to the individual needs of our customers. We can provide transportation services specifically tailored to each project. We have a 15000 square feet heated warehouse connected to our factory equipped with an explosion proof dust collector. 

    Quality and Environment:

    The whole philosophy of our enterprise is based on the quality of the work while respecting the environment, and the health and safety of our personnel. These principles are the foundation of our company mission and code of ethics. They are understood, integrated and applied daily by all of our collaborators.  We have 10 (ten) Minister of Environment Authorization Certificates covering all of our activities.